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Update on Johnson & Johnson DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuits

depuy Update on Johnson & Johnson DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuits“The writing is on the wall for J&J,” or at least that is what a number of people in the legal funding business are beginning to believe after a March 8th verdict in favor of Loren Kransky for $8.3 million dollars. Kransky’s case is just one of 10,000 lawsuits against the manufacturing giant.[1] In total, Johnson & Johnson could lose billions of dollars paying victims whose pain and suffering could have potentially been avoided if the company had been proactive about its findings in 2008.


Originally, in effort to dissolve the lawsuits, J&J reportedly approached the 10,000 victims and offered to pay them $200,000 each. However, lawyers fighting for those with hip replacements rejected the offer.[2] Now, Legal Bay LLC, a frontrunner in Hip Lawsuit Funding concerning DePuy (J&J), Stryker, and Wright, hip implants, has projected each settlement to be valued at $500,000. The driving factor being that the public’s view of “pain and suffering” is far more severe than initially anticipated. During the trial, evidence was presented that after recommendations from doctors and internal consultants in 2008, the company contemplated redesigning the product. Johnson & Johnson ultimately abandoned these plans because it was concluded that the sales of the implant did not justify the cost of reconfiguring the product.


With the hip replacements being sold for a total of eight years to over 90,000 patients globally, the number of cases against J&J could increase substantially. “They wanted to play Russian roulette with patients. This defendant didn’t care about patient safety,” said Bryan Panish, one of Kransky’s attorneys. [3]


Unfortunately, many big businesses run cost benefit analyses before redesigning or even recalling a faulty product. No matter the possible settlement, the patient is still the one who ultimately pays the price; pain, suffering, and sometimes even death. The team at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP ® has  years of experience and knowledge to help protect the rights of those who have been wrongfully injured. If you, or someone you know has had a DePuy or Stryker hip replacement, please call a trusted attorney at 1800LAW1010 ® (1.800.529.1010), or contact us.

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