$4 Million Verdict Awarded to the Estate of Granville Woman Killed by Drunk Driver

Washington County Supreme Court Jury awards $4,865,000.00 to the Estate of a Granville woman who was killed by a drunk driver.

On January 9th, 2020 a Washington County Supreme Court Jury returned a verdict totaling $4,865,000 to the Estate of Elizabeth Gibson. Elizabeth Gibson was killed on May 26, 2015 when a 2003 Cadillac operated by Defendant Kristina Loomis of Granville, New York and owned by Defendant Melvin Loomis of Granville, New York, traveling on State Route 22, crossed over the double yellow lines into Elizabeth Gibson’s lane striking her. Defendant Kristina Loomis was charged and pled guilty to Driving While intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Content of .29. This was Defendant Kristina Loomis’ third DWI conviction. Her license had previously been revoked. She pled guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter and is presently serving time in prison.

Elizabeth Gibson on May 26, 2015 was coming home from work at the time of the crash. She was employed as a certified care giver at the Warren Washington ARC adult home. Elizabeth suffered at the crash site for about sixty minutes before passing away en route to the Glens Falls Hospital. Elizabeth was 47 years old. She is survived by her husband David Gibson and three adult daughters.

Jury returned a sum of $3,365,000 for compensatory damages to the Estate against the Defendant Kristina Loomis and Defendant Melvin Loomis, as the jury found Melvin Loomis gave permissive use to Kristina Loomis for driving his 2003 Cadillac. The jury also returned a sum of $1,500,000.00 in punitive damages against Defendant Kristina Loomis. The $1,500,000 in punitive damages awarded by the jury sent a message discouraging the defendant and other people of the community, from driving while intoxicated in the future.

The Estate of Elizabeth Gibson was represented by Attorneys Victor L. Mazzotti and Philip S. Mazzotti from the law firm of Martin, Harding and Mazzotti, LLP.

The Defendant Kristina Loomis was represented by attorney Todd Bushway from the Buffalo law firm of Hurwitz and Fine, P.C.

The Defendant Melvin C. Loomis was represented by attorney Judith Aumand and Jeffrey Hurd from the law firm of Burke, Scolamiero & Hurd, LLP.

The case was tried before the Honorable Glen T. Bruening.