Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition

Episode 1: Slidin’ Dirty in Troy, NY

March 26, 2020

Today’s featured establishment is Slidin’ Dirty Troy, serving tasty sliders, tacos, and more! Take-out and delivery options are available for their food and beer, and their menu is available at www.slidindirty.com. They also offer brunch specials on Sundays.

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About SOTCR: Social Distancing Edition

At Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, we have been working on a project called The Spirit of the Capital Region (SOTCR) – a video series featuring the many local businesses, events, and charities that those in our area can be proud of. We were set to premiere the series, but due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to take the project in a different direction: We will now feature a local small business or organization in a short video blog on weekdays to get the word out about what they are currently offering, and how we as a community can support them (while practicing the recommended social distancing).

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Hi, my name is Emily. I’m non-attorney staff at Martin Harding & Mazzotti, and this is The Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition.

Our first featured establishment is Slidin’ Dirty in Troy. They’re a local restaurant featuring sliders, tacos, and more.

As of the posting of this video, they offer both takeout and delivery options for food and beer. Sundays, they offer brunch specials which include take-out Bloody Marys.

(Reminder: Don’t drink and drive! In fact, try to follow the current recommendations and stay home as much as possible).

Slidin’ Dirty’s menu is on their website at www.slidindirty.com. These are their current hours of operation, but in changing times, these things are also subject to change. So we recommend following them on social media for the latest updates.

Thanks for listening. And if there are other businesses, restaurants or nonprofits you’d like us to feature, drop them in the comments below.

My name is Emily, and this is The Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition.

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