It’s always refreshing to see the constant construction and upgrades being made to property throughout the five boroughs of the NYC region. Although these are often upgrading dilapidated buildings or other various improvement projects that will not only benefit the owners but also the city as a whole, accidents in the workplace, such as construction injuries, are doomed to follow. A few of the common accidents that occur on construction sites involve workers being injured by falling off a roof, scaffolding, or because of a broken or defective ladder. Did you know that the property owner and/or general contractor can be held liable for workers that have been hurt by falling objects from an elevated height, or who suffer injuries as a result of a fall?


Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP’s legal team will take care of your construction injury case and answer any questions that you may have. First we must gather all necessary information from your employer, get any witness statements, take relevant photographs of the accident scene, investigate the construction site, conduct the necessary legal research, hire safety experts, and present your claim.

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