Top Settlements Award$13,000,000 – Negligent Highway Maintenance

A bicyclist hit a pavement edged drop off (a difference in height and elevation between the pavement and shoulder). His tire dropped into broken pavement and was permanently injured.


$579,000 – Storm Grate Causes Bicyclist to Fall

A bicyclist fell after riding over a storm grate drain on the southbound shoulder. Her fall sent her and her bicycle onto the vehicular travel lane where she was run over by a tractor trailer.


$493,000 – Fall from House Roof

A contractor working on a residential subdivision fell off a roof.


$233,000 – Fall from Commercial Roof

A laborer was tearing up asbestos-containing built-up roofing material. He was electrocuted then catapulted 9 1/2 feet off the roof.


$97,000 – Fall from Step Ladder

A worker was injured when he fell from the fourth step of an unsecured eight-foot stepladder while installing steel tubing along the basement ceiling at a paper mill owned by defendants.


$88,000 – Fall from Extension Ladder

A painter was injured in a work-related accident when the extension ladder upon which he was standing kicked out from underneath him.

$65,000 – Ladder Rung Failure

Plaintiff was climbing a 30-32-foot aluminum extension ladder to hand off 2×10 boards to another employee who was on the roof. As he stepped onto the rung of the ladder the rung snapped causing his right leg to fall through the ladder, 2-3 feet to the ground below.

$60,000 – Open Fall

Plaintiff was injured while framing the interior walls of a residence being built.

Plaintiff was installing a ceiling header in a second-floor closet when he stepped backwards into an open space between the exposed studs of the wall behind him and fell eight or nine feet to the first floor.

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