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Robert S. Bruschini

My name is Bob Bruschini. I am one of the trial attorneys at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. I’ve been doing the legal profession for 26 years, which sounds like a long time now that I say it. I’ve been with Martin, Harding & Mazzotti as a trial attorney for the last 11 of those years.

The difference between working where I was working and working with Martin, Harding & Mazzotti was dramatic, A, the pace. We work hard, we work hard constantly. The level of communication between attorney and client is different from anything I’ve ever seen. And all of that’s a surprise coming from the side of the defendant, especially in my job where I worked with nothing but very large companies. It was great, great change to be able to deal with folks on a day-to-day basis. And your expectations are quite high, right? You’re going to be in constant communication. These folks are coming to you because it is about the worst time of their lives. That’s not true with large insurance companies or construction companies. So, the demands on who you were as an attorney vis-a-vis your client relationship were completely different and a surprise. It took me a while to make that transition. It’s a great transition to make.

Every personal injury case is resolved by way of some monetary reward. That’s the hope. One is injured, that injury has or does not have a value. That value was paid through money, hopefully by an insurance policy that applies. Well, to do that, to get there, you have to make, at some point, a demand as to what you believe the value of the case is. That is very little by way of science and way more by way of art. That art comes through experience. And so, we constantly, quite literally every day and multiple times a day, we’ll go to each other’s offices or collecting the hallway and say, “Here’s the case I have, I represent Mr. or Mrs. X, and here are the injuries that this person suffered. This is their age. What do we think the value range is?” And that is invaluable because that allows a far more accurate portrayal of what compensation we should be seeking for these clients who are counting on us to get that right.

Robert S. Bruschini

Senior Litigation Attorney
Admitted in New York, Massachusetts, Federal Courts

Robert “Bob” Bruschini graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1989. After a year as an employee of IBM in Dutchess County, New York, he entered Albany Law School and graduated in 1993.

His legal career began as an associate with a defense litigation firm in Albany. In 1996 he accepted a job as an associate attorney with the Albany staff counsel office of Travelers Insurance. While there, Bob specialized in litigating large loss and catastrophic personal injury cases in both state and federal courts throughout New York. He joined Harding Mazzotti in 2008 so that he could use his legal experience to help injured Plaintiffs.

Over the past 30 years, Bob has litigated countless personal injury cases throughout the state of New York in diverse areas of law including Labor Law, automobile liability, product Liability and premises liability. He has tried numerous cases in counties throughout the state and has argued both state and federal appeals.

Bob is a member of the Capital District Bar Association, New York State Trial Lawyers Association. His is admitted to practice in New York, Massachusetts and in Federal Courts.

He resides in northern Saratoga County loves to spend his time away from work with his wife and children. He is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman.

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“My attorney, Robert Bruschini was wonderful and the entire firm is so very effective. You follow thru on everything could not have had a better attorney than Robert.”

Emily H., Hadley, NY

“From day one the experience has been nothing but 1st class. The attention to details and the compassion that has been shown towards me and my family has been truly kind. The proactive approach towards our concerns were professional and sincere. Thank you for watching over us Mr. Bruschini with Harding Mazzotti.”

Will G., Five Star Google Review
“Extremely pleased with our experience with Robert Bruschini! His knowledge, expertise, patience, support, and compassion helped us through a very difficult and trying time. Thank you so much for the positive outcome. Highly recommend!”
Iris G-S., Five Star Google Review

“The lawyers were very upfront, honest, and made my 15-year-old son very comfortable. They took the case all the way to trial and ended up with a verdict in our favor. The skill level, presentation, and 100% commitment to my son was something I could’ve never perceived. I would highly recommend Bob B. And his staff to anybody that ever needed help. My son still refers to him as Superman.”

James M., Five Star Google Review