New York City Files Social Media Lawsuit

The Big Apple Takes On Big Tech

A social media lawsuit was filed by New York City against several of the largest leading tech companies — SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok — on February 14, 2024, accusing them of causing a “nationwide youth mental health crisis.”

News Update - New York City Files Social Media Lawsuit - image of thumbs typing on a glowing cell phone, likes and notifications flying above itThe city claims these platforms use manipulative tactics and addictive algorithms to hook young people, exposing them to harmful content and fueling anxiety, depression, and more. Consequently, city says that this mental health crisis strains schools and public health systems, costing the city, which is why they are suing for compensation.

Conversely, the tech companies deny these accusations and emphasize their purported efforts to promote teen safety and well-being through various features and partnerships.

Just last year, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory about how social media affects the mental health of young people.

This lawsuit adds to the growing number of social media lawsuits in the U.S. shedding light on existing concerns social media’s impact on young minds. Hundreds of schools, municipalities, and families across the nation filed social media lawsuits so far, many seeking both financial compensation and broader changes to the platforms.

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