Haunted New York

Some of the most haunted places in New York state

Leading up to Halloween, we’re highlighting some of the spookiest places in New York! What’s your favorite New York haunted hot spot? 

Rolling Hills Asylum | East Bethany; Genesee County

Now an infamous hotbed for accounts of paranormal activity, this nearly 200-year-old asylum in East Bethany once housed orphans, physically disabled people, the elderly, criminals, and convicts. The property was originally named The Genesee County Poor Farm and was also known as “The Old County Home”. It closed in July of 1965.

They host group tours, classes, and seminars at the asylum. The property was home to numerous families, and some of their original belongings remain the building today. Ghost tours are available during Halloween as well as private events, with certain restrictions due to COVID-19.

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Glenmore Hotel | Big Moose Lake; Hamilton County

It was here that the (then) “crime of the century” took place on July 11, 1906. A young Upstate New York couple, Grace Brown and Chester Gillette, embarked on a trip to the Adirondacks which Grace assumed was to be their wedding trip. Their relationship was kept secret from most of their friends and family, and in 1906 Grace discovered that she was pregnant. While on their trip, the couple went for a canoe ride on the lake. Only Gillette returned, and Grace Brown was found deceased the next day.

Accused of killing his lover, Gillette was arrested and brought to trial in Herkimer County. The trial was an international sensation, every detail covered by the media. Gillette was found guilty of murder, sentenced to death, and was executed in March of 1908.

It’s a prime location for history buffs and those curious about the eerie location. There is a historical marker located where the couple embarked on their fateful canoe ride.

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The Sagamore Resort | Lake George; Bolton Landing, NY

This lavish hotel was originally built in 1883, but had been burned down by fires in 1893 and 1914. Located on a private island overlooking Lake George, you can still rent a room, but according to several stories, you might not be alone. Tales of ghost sightings include that of a little boy from the 1950s, reportedly hit by a car, who causes mischief on the golf course. There are reports of other ghostly children giggling in the hallways, a woman in white who enters guests’ hotel rooms, and many more.

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Forest Park Cemetery | Brunswick; Rensselaer County

The abandoned Forest Park Cemetery in Brunswick, NY (known locally as the Pinewoods Cemetery) is said to be one of the most haunted places in New York state. The brave souls who have waded through the overgrown grass have reported inexplicable cold spots, bleeding statues, and vandalized mausoleums with coffins missing.

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Canfield Casino | Saratoga Springs; Saratoga County

Located in the center of Saratoga Springs, NY, the Canfield Casino has been the site of galas, extravagant parties, and weddings. The venue first opened in the late 1800s as the Saratoga Club, and had been considered a staple of Saratoga society. Of course, stories about hauntings and paranormal activity at the casino have captivated people for generations since. Many “ghost hunters” believe the spirits people reported encountering there are those who gambled and lost during the casino’s prime over one hundred years ago.

In 2010, the popular SyFy’s Ghost Hunters show came to investigate, and reported “strong paranormal activity” on the third floor. This famous Saratoga landmark now functions as a museum, where visitors can learn about the peak years at the venue, or even book a ghost tour!

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New York State Capitol | Albany; Albany County

Inside the New York State Capitol, there are plenty of secret rooms, cubbyholes, warrens and arguably its most famous feature: The Million Dollar Staircase. There are dozens of faces carved into the walls of the interior. Some are the faces of famous men, and some are the stonecutters themselves.

It is said that at night you can hear the lone watchman, jingling his keys and making his rounds, more than one hundred years after his death. Samuel Abbott, the watchman, was a real-life employee of the building and was the only victim of a fire that nearly leveled it on March 29, 1911.

There are also many reports of strange lights, unexplained noises, and sudden drops in temperature, and several other ghostly encounters!

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