Harding Mazzotti’s Big Impact Award

At Harding Mazzotti, LLP we understand the importance of giving back and strengthening the communities we live and work in. We also understand that for our communities to truly thrive it takes more than just one organization to make a difference.  That’s why we’ve created the “Big Impact Award”. 

The “Big Impact Award” is our way of honoring and recognizing organizations that are making significant contributions to our communities through their time, actions, and financial donations. Through their continued investment in our communities, these organizations have become role models of compassion and service for us all. 

If there is an organization that you feel is deserving of the “Big Impact Award” let us know by submitting a nomination below, be sure to include your reason for nomination. 

Who is eligible to receive the Big Impact Award?

Any commercial organization operating in New York State, Vermont, or Massachusetts may be nominated for the “Big Impact Award”. 

Nominations should be supported with resources that would allow us to evaluate the organizations community involvement and/or charitable giving.

A number of items are taken into account when reviewing an organization for the “Big Impact Award”.

  • The length and degree of the service/amount of donation 
  • The degree to which their actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution to the community 
  • The extent to which their actions would be recognized/valued by the recipient group or community  

Submit Your Nomination