Head and Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be devastating. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a car wreck Automobile Accidents, slip and fall, motorcycle accident, construction accident or work-related injury. Severe brain injuries usually result in a change in the ability to think, concentrate, or remember. Common side effects include headaches, blurred vision, personality change, changes in sleep patterns, loss of balance or even loss of sense of taste or smell.

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1) CDC Info on Traumatic Brain Injuries Across the US

2) Brain Injury Association of NYS

3) Brain Injury Association of Vermont

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Written by Brent D. Feuz, Survivor, Disabled Professional Firefighter Paramedic.

“Thank you for taking over the difficult process of dealing with large insurance company and the medical bureaucracy. It was a huge relief for a TBI victim to have an advocate.”

Larry P. of Zephyhills, FL