Bard PowerPort Lawsuit 

Bard Powerport LawsuitsThe Bard PowerPort is a port catheter device that is implanted just beneath the skin to enable simple connection to a catheter for intravenous fluid or drug delivery. Bard PowerPort lawsuits claim the devices are defective, creating the possibility of infection and catheter failure that can lead to thrombosis, stroke, and death. 

Inherent flaws in its design and manufacture make the device susceptible to fracturing and migrating out of place, which can cause devastating injury such as internal vascular damage. 

Harding Mazzotti, LLP is investigating cases on behalf of individuals who had PowerPort implants fracture or fail, causing injuries and requiring the removal of the device. 

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About the Bard PowerPort

The Bard PowerPort, made by Bard Access Systems, is an implantable device used for repeated access to the vascular system, delivering medication, fluids, nutrition, and blood products. It consists of an injection port with a raised center and a polyurethane catheter. Surgically placed under the skin, the port stays implanted, providing direct bloodstream access. It’s utilized for patients needing extended IV treatment.

PowerPort Defects

The PowerPort catheter contains barium sulfate for enhanced visibility in radiology. However, over time and use, barium sulfate particles detach and leak, causing microfractures and structural changes that weaken the catheter’s mechanical properties.   

The Bard PowerPort’s design and manufacturing problems have made it prone to complications including the following:

  • Fracture of the catheter causing it to leak or break. 
  • Bacterial growth in the fractured catheter surface. 
  • Collection of Fibrin, a blood-clotting agent, on the fractured catheter. 

Injuries Linked to Defective PowerPort 

Per the adverse reports received by the manufacturer shortly after the device’s release into the market, common injuries related to Bard PowerPort implant complications include:

  • Hemorrhage 
  • Cardiac/pericardial tamponade 
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Infection
  • Sepsis
  • Thromboembolism
  • Death 

PowerPort Lawsuits

In recent years, an increasing number of Bard PowerPort lawsuits have arisen due to the device defects. These legal actions involve individuals who suffered serious injuries from PowerPort fractures or malfunctions after implantation.  

The lawsuits target Bard Access Systems Inc., the manufacturer, and its parent company, Beckton Dickinson. They assert product liability claims, contending that Bard was aware of device issues following numerous adverse event reports about fracturing and perforation from healthcare providers. The suits allege that instead of making the PowerPort safer or providing sufficient warnings, Bard continued aggressively marketing it as safe, despite knowing about catheter fractures, infections, and other severe injuries. 

Additionally, the lawsuits argue that Bard’s warnings shifted blame onto physicians by suggesting device fracture only resulted from incorrect placement. However, the lawsuits claim that Bard internally knew about device flaws leading to injuries due to design defects, manufacturing issues, and inadequate warnings.  

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