Personal Injury FAQs

Negligence is the breach of a duty owed to another person. It is the failure to use reasonable care, which results in injury or damage to a person.

You should talk to an attorney because insurance companies will usually try to low-ball you.

You do not have to sue, it will always be your decision. Please contact MHM to discuss your options.

  • We are available 24 hours a day.
  • We offer free case evaluations.
  • We will visit you at home or in the hospital.

Call us toll free at 1800LAW1010 (1-800-529-1010).

MHM operates on a contingent fee basis. That means you do not have to pay for representation upfront. Our fee will come out of any settlement at the end of your case. We only get paid if we are successful in achieving a recovery for your case.

Every case is different. Many variables will affect the value of your case. Please contact MHM for a free case analysis.

Yes, it is our opinion that a represented party will benefit from representation, as licensed attorneys are familiar with the Judicial System and insurance companies. It is worth contacting a personal injury attorney as they get paid on a contingent basis. In other words, you do not have to pay for an attorney in NY State for injuries you sustained in a car accident up front. We only get paid at the end from the settlement if we are successful on your behalf.

Every case is different. Depending on many variables will affect the time period of your case. Please contact MHM for a free case analysis.

You should bring all medical documents that you have in relation to your injuries, names and contact info of any witnesses to the accident, any police/incident reports, any insurance information, any documents from either party’s insurance company, and any receipts for medical equipment.

Each case takes a different amount of time depending on the different factors of each case.

If an insurance company asks to take a recorded statement it may be for the legal defense they are building against a lawsuit. You should avoid providing a recorded statement. Please contact MHM for more information.

We would be glad to review your case and advise if we are able to help you.

You should keep any record or receipts related to your injury-related expenses.