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Injured in a car accident?

Suffering an injury and enduring the trauma of a motor vehicle accident can be stressful enough without the task of understanding all the legal steps necessary to protect your rights. The experienced car accident lawyers at Harding Mazzotti, LLP can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering in the aftermath of an auto accident.

At Harding Mazzotti, our experienced team hears your story, examines your claim, and fights in your corner throughout the process, ensuring aggressive representation for all our clients. We focus on your case and dealing with the insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Call us at 1-800-LAW-1010 or fill out our contact form online – we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


Motor Vehicle Accidents We Handle

No matter the type of crash, Harding Mazzotti has a lawyer to handle the case. We deal with all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including but not limited to:

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Why Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accident injury cases can often be complicated, with important deadlines, paperwork, and notice requirements. A trusted and experienced injury lawyer will be able to help you navigate through the process and meet all of those required deadlines. The insurance company’s intital offer will likely fall short of what you will need to cover medical costs in the long run, but an experienced attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance carriers from a position of strength. They will have access to experts and the resources to take a case to trial if needed. And of course, your trusted team will be focusing on the ins and outs of your case while you can focus on recovering and rebuilding after injury.

What if my auto accident was low impact?

Many people who are involved in a lower-impact car accident may ask, “Is it worth getting a lawyer?” They may believe their car accident injuries are minor, or that their auto insurance companies will take care of it. What they might not realize is that symptoms of musculoskeletal or nervous system injury may not appear for days after a fender bender or other slow-moving car accident. Even if the accident was minor, it may be in your best interest to hire a car accident lawyer based on how it occurred, the damage to the vehicles, and any potential injuries.

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Have you or a member of your family been in a car accident?

Don’t hesitate to call Harding Mazzotti at 1-800-LAW-1010 if you’ve been injured in a crash. We answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we know that accidents can happen at any time. Our team of car accident lawyers are devoted to protecting your rights and helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Injury cases can be complex with notice requirements, deadlines, and specific paperwork to be filed. Let our professionals do all the heavy work. Our experienced car accident lawyers will take charge of your case so you can relax and be with your loved ones.

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