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I’m attorney Paul Harding with the law firm Martin, Harding and Mazzotti – the Heavy Hitters – here in Albany, New York. Everyday across the country almost one hundred thousand people are injured. Many of these injuries are severe enough to result in hospitalization or even death.

The unfortunate truth is that a number of these cases are caused by someone else’s negligence. The consequence of this negligence may be a personal injury case.

But what exactly is a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases can include – automobile wrecks, dog bites, defective products, medical malpractice, premises liability and many other case types.

If someone else’s negligence has caused you harm, you have the right to seek compensation, a right that should not be ignored.

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Get Help From An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important to realize that if you have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, you should seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Also, if you have sustained serious personal injuries as a result of another person’s abuse or neglect, please contact The Heavy Hitters® toll-free at 1800LAW1010 (1-800-529-1010). Call now to receive your free evaluation that will help determine whether or not you have a case.

There are many types of accidents and injuries, such as:

  • Automobile and motorcycle accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Construction site incidents and other job related injuries (Workers’ Compensation information)
  • Dog and other pet bites
  • Drug recalls
  • Injuries to children and accidents at school
  • Railroad / FELA claims
  • Social Security Disability
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Wrongful deaths

Burn Injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer Burn InjuryAnyone who has suffered a burn injury knows that it can be extremely painful and debilitating. Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP has a team of burn injury lawyers experienced in representing victims who were burned as a result of automobile accidents, gas explosions, scalding hot water, building fires, defective products and industrial accidents.

When a person suffers a burn injury the scarring is often more than just physical. The trauma that results from a serious accident and/or burn injury can have lasting emotional effects. Many times, victims not only experience wage loss but they see their medical bills accumulate and pile up.

If a burn injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, such as a car accident, industrial accident, defective product or event a landlord not following code, the victim has the right to seek compensation.

Often times, the negligent party will work to minimize their responsibility. That’s why it’s important to find and experienced team of burn injury lawyers as soon as possible.


Dog Bite Injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer Dog Bite AttorneyWe know that not every dog is bad, but we also know that irresponsible owners can place others in danger of being bitten or attacked by their dog or other household pet.

If an owner knows that their dog has bitten before or the animal has shown signs of aggression towards people or other animals, that owner must take steps to ensure that you and your loved ones are not placed into a dangerous situation where the dog can bite.

In New York a person injured by a dog or other domestic household pet, must show that the pet’s owner either knew or should have known of the animals “vicious propensity”. Vicious propensity, can include biting, growling, snarling, aggressively barking, and in some situations can be shown by the owner restraining the animal or keeping the animal as a guard dog.

If you or a loved one has been bitten, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the dog’s prior behavior and what the owner’s knew. Others may have been bitten, chased, or attacked by the dog on previous occasions. The owner may have had to muzzle the dog around company or keep the dog locked in a cage. Maybe you even saw the dog snarl or snap.  The size of the dog and type of breed are not determinative of a dog’s viciousness, therefore it is essential for an injured party to show that the dog exhibited signs of aggression prior to the attack.

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Sports Injuries

If you are injured while participating in a sporting event, or some other leisure activity, and you can prove that the person or organization that caused the injury breached a duty of reasonable care, you can recover monetary damages. While you may assume some risks when you play a sport, you still may be able to recover damages if the cause of your injury is outside the normal risks inherent in the game. Even if you signed a waiver, you may still be entitled to make a claim.

Sports Injury Law Firm

Although you may not think of sports as a major injury risk for adults, more than 1.9 million individuals between ages 25-40 were seen in emergency care centers for a sport-related injury in 2012. Even small injuries from sports can prove to be costly without great insurance, and especially without any at all, as the average an adult is charged for a sprain or break ranges from $2,294 to $7,666.

Injuries to children and teens

Children and teens are affected the most, mainly because they have the greatest amount of participation within organized sports. Out of 30 million children and teens who play an organized sport, 3.5 million kids 14 and younger get hurt each year. Football causes the most serious, life-threatening injuries to children and teens, but it is actually basketball that yields the greatest number of injuries to kids. If your child is injured due to negligence or lack of supervision from the coaching staff, a winnable lawsuit could be present.


Personal Injury Lawyer Sports InjuryBlake Hunt, a high school football player in New York, sued the Department of Education, the Parks Department and the Public Schools Athletic League for compensation after he became paralyzed from the waist down, due to shattering his C5 vertebra during a football scrimmage. The lawsuit was settled for $8 million on the grounds that he had received improper training, had a lack of supervision from coaches, and was unprepared for the scrimmage where he suffered the catastrophic injury.


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