The Big Help

What is the “BIG Help” ?

Harding Mazzotti’s BIG Help is a program designed to help raise awareness and funds for local charitable organizations in our communities.

How Does the BIG Help Work?

Harding Mazzotti is offering useful household and automotive items as a gift for making a small donation via the BIG Help platform on our website. The donation required to receive each item is a fraction of what it might cost to purchase any of the items, with no product requiring a donation greater than $5 and shipping is FREE.

Every dollar raised from the BIG Help platform will go towards a local charity, additionally Harding Mazzotti will match the full amount raised, doubling the total donation.

This Quarter’s BIG Help Charity

To Life!

To Life! serves women and their families in the greater Capital Region, including Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Columbia, Greene, Montgomery, Fulton, Warren, and Washington counties.

To Life! was founded in October 1998 as a not-for-profit organization after its founder, Mara Ginsberg, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she progressed through consultations about treatment and therapy alternatives, she realized that services to breast cancer patients were limited, fractured, and difficult to locate.  As she met other women in the same boat, she learned that many, like she, were occasionally overwhelmed by the gravity of their diagnoses, unsure of what questions to ask the doctors, sometimes embarrassed to ask certain questions, put off by the busy-ness and sterility of medical offices, uncomfortable shopping for prostheses and wigs in medical supply houses, and aching for a competent and sympathetic source of information, guidance, and non-medical services.

Mara created To Life! to serve as a welcoming setting in which women can obtain information necessary to make informed medical decisions, learn how to explain things to their families, and thereby enlist their support and assistance and go for support and ancillary services such as wig and prostheses fittings and makeup.  And, because early detection is half the battle against breast cancer, To Life! aggressively reaches out to the community with breast self-examination training.

To learn more about the programs policies visit: The Big Help Policies Page