A Georgia Woman is Ticketed for Letting Her Toddler Urinate in Public

Cantara: It’s 1800LAW1010, 1800law1010.com. Paul Harding from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti on the phone.

Quinn: How are you, Paul?

Paul: Hey, good morning, guys, doing great.

Cantara: I just want to take a second to recognize what you do for the community and to recognize the long-term relationship you have with us here on “PYX 106.” Today is Be Kind To Lawyers Day, April 9th. Did you know that, Paul?

Paul: Did not know that, no. First I’ve heard of it, but I like it.

Quinn: You know, if you took this to court, you probably get a month out of it.

Cantara: So we’re gonna be real sweet to you today, Paul.

Quinn: So, Paul, we sent you this story. It’s another weird one out of Georgia. Woman…pregnant mom had a choice to make when her son couldn’t wait to go to the bathroom any longer. They’re out in a, you know, parking lot. And she made what I think it’s the right choice, and that is the best decision at the time, right? Let her kid go to the bathroom in the parking lot, and she got cited.

Paul: You know, I’ve made some similar decisions when the kids were young, not necessarily in a parking lot, but the side of the road. You know, you just know it’s just not gonna happen where it’s supposed to. So yeah, so here the officer kinda stumbles on this scene, sees this, you know, boy just peeing in the parking lot, probably doesn’t recognize the urgency of what happened.

Quinn: He’s three. Did I say that?

Paul: Yeah. He’s just a little…and goes ahead and probably, you know, looks at it. Looks like a bad scene when he comes upon it. Either doesn’t listen to the explanation, issues her a disorderly conduct. So disorderly conduct is kind of one of those catch all crimes, you know, for obnoxious behavior. And so he didn’t like what he saw, gave her the ticket. And now, the backlash and the amount of contact that police department has is off the charts.

Cantana: So there was no citing for, like, public nudity. She was cited for how she behaved to the cop when he approached her son, right?

Paul: Yeah. So, well, you know, it’s the whole scene. You know, disorderly conduct is one of those deals where, you know, just peeing on that…you know, allowing your child to pee in this case. Because the officer said in his…when he wrote it up, he said, “Look. There was a restroom, you know, just steps away,” but the mom…

Quinn: She’s eight months pregnant. She can barely hold her own, for God’s sake.

Paul: Mom said he would’ve never made it. Yeah.

Cantara: She just went and bought Twinkies at Target.

Quinn: How do you know it? Did she say that in the story?

Cantana: I don’t know. It’s Georgia. I just assumed.

Quinn: Let’s stick to the story, Cantara.

Cantara: I just assumed. Look. Here’s the thing. Like when you’re not a parent, you can’t even fathom why you would be doing this. But when you are a parent, even Quinn who understands like…

Quinn: But I totally get it.

Cantara: Yeah, he was going already before his pants were even down.

Quinn: But the bathroom is right there.

Cantara: Yeah, but come on. Bigger fish to fry, right?

Quinn: So what? She’s gonna have to pay a fine?

Paul: So, you know, it’s up to 60 days in jail which she will not do.

Quinn: Wow.

Paul: And up to a $5,000 fine. Now, that’s Georgia.

Cantara: Wow.

Paul: But here, we’re up to about 500. But yeah, I suspect what’s gonna happen is this thing. It’s just gonna get dismissed. And they’re gonna go on as usual. Police officer probably wished he had kind of thought through this a little more before issuing the citation.

Cantara: So it’s a $500 fine here in New York for peeing in public. Is that for just children or is that for me too?

Paul: That’s for you, too. Yes, if usually we see disorderly conduct when there’s alcohol, and you’re kind out there screaming at the moon and just kind of causing a public disturbance. But yeah, peeing, but we have our own statute called public urination. So you can zoom right in on this one if you get caught doing that, and they can throw a couple things at you.

Quinn: Look at this. Look at this. Look. The end of the last line of the story. She plans to attend the April 30th court date, days before her due date instead of filing for an extension because she thinks it’ll be easier to attend nine months pregnant than it would be, to be with a newborn.

Cantara: With two kids. Yeah.

Quinn: I mean, what a hassle.

Paul: It’s probably true.

Cantara: Kids are a hassle, Quinn. That’s the bottom line.

Quinn: Wow, I guess.

Cantara: It’s a lot of work.

Quinn: Well, I think the cop needs to make better decisions. That guy.

Cantara: Paul Harding from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. We love having you on a Be Kind To Lawyers Day.

Quinn: That’s right. We love you, Paul.

Cantara: Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Love you, guys. Thank you.

Quinn: Thanks, buddy

Cantara: Take care. Bye

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