An Alabama Man Files a $100 Trillion Lawsuit

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Male Speaker 1: It’s Quinn & Cantara, PYX 106, 1-800-LAW-1010, I love this story. You want to not believe it, but I don’t know how the Supreme Court gets involved and it not be a real thing.

Atty. Harding: This is Attorney Paul Harding. Trump, the Georgia governor, and Vice President Pence are all named in this $100 trillion lawsuit for a guy that has 14 zeros. For a guy in Alabama, he’s claiming that the lottery has been manipulated. What do you know about this, Paul?

Paul: Well, I know, it probably falls firmly into that category of frivolous lawsuits. I look at this and he hasn’t substantiated anything. He’s pro se as they say. He’s doing it himself. But, I mean, it got some headlines. As you mentioned, 14 zeros. President Trump, he wants Vice President Pence out, and he wants Ivanka running as his running mate.

Atty. Harding: Yeah, right. I thought that’s a real ticker that made me think he was nuts.

Paul: That sounds like a settlement right there, so. But I would say probably this thing is going to die a slow death. The governors are being sued. So there’s always this underpinning. You know, does this lottery have some of this taint, right? People are always…but anytime there’s this sense of gambling or chance or choice, people are always going to have some sour grapes. I didn’t win. Someone else won. Why didn’t…

Male Speaker 1: But it’s possible that the computer is changing these play slips [crosstalk 00:01:26].

Atty. Harding: There’s no evidence. There’s no evidence here.

Male Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:01:29] Yeah. The Judge demanded that he bring in the evidence, and he brought in, you know, nothing, right…?

Atty. Harding: Yeah. He didn’t bring anything…

Male Speaker 1: …I don’t see anything.

Atty. Harding: That’s my question for Paul is how does a case with nothing behind it get…

Male Speaker 1: Pro se. Pro se.

Atty. Harding: How does it get this far, though?

Male Speaker 1: You’re American, you get to go into court anytime, right Paul?

Atty. Harding: You get to take anything to court even if it’s ridiculous, Paul?

Paul: You can’t get very far, but you can start it. So it’s at its very initial stages. Yeah. The news sort of made it seem like it was on its way to change law in the Supreme Court. It’s really is that it was filed. They’ve been served. Which, so, the guy is a pretty organized guy. It’s not so easy to serve the President. I don’t know how to do it. I could figure it out [inaudible 00:02:11]. But it’s probably going to end, so now the Judge is saying, “Listen, give us some proof. Show us this algorithm that you put together that shows that the lottery is being manipulated.” You know, listen, if you figure that out, you’ve got a 14 trillion dollar case. I wish I could do that on contingency. That would be wonderful.

Male Speaker 1: Handwritten remarks on his filing seemed to suggest that a computer has been changing players’ numbers from play slips, and he claims it cites a lottery game scam called, “All or Nothing”, as a contract breach. Those are the specifics. I don’t know anything about the Georgia Lottery.

Atty. Harding: He’s an old man, Homer Douglas Cobb, IV from Phenix City, Alabama. First, he’s taking down the lottery. Then, he saw it in the Epstein case. I’ve got high hopes for this guy right here.

Male Speaker 1: Thanks, Paul.

Atty. Harding: We appreciate the time.

Paul: You’re welcome.

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