How a Client’s Tiny Fracture Became a Much Larger Case

Thinking Big: Attorney Cassandra Kazukenus discusses how what initially seemed like a tiny injury developed into something that would impact her client for life.

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I had a car crash case once with a woman who about my age. She was a nurse. And nothing seemed to be major initially when she went to the hospital. She went, she had imaging specifically of her foot, and they didn’t find anything. She said she went back to work. A couple weeks later, six weeks later, she goes back. They image it again. They find a fracture in her foot, just a little one. They end up having to go in and surgically repair it because there’s a fragment, a piece of the bone floating around in there. You would think that’d be it. But things continued to progress, and progress, and progress.

And so, what we started to notice over time, and she specifically started to notice was she was losing muscle in her leg, or atrophy of her leg. She was losing hair on her leg. Her leg was becoming discolored, and she was starting to have muscle spasms go up her leg. And so, even though we had this really small injury initially, it progressed into something called complex regional pain syndrome, which is a permanent injury that there is no way to correct it. The best you can do is minimize the pain, the discomfort, just through medications. So, for the rest of her life, from a tiny little fracture in her foot, she now has to take medications, she has spasming, her legs are different sizes, all of those things just from that tiny thing. And there’s no known one reason why you get that. And then they treat it as best they can, but there’s no option. So, what came from a little tiny fracture in her foot became a mid to high 6-figure case that we resolved for her.

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