Measuring Settlements By Impact On Clients’ Lives

Thinking Big: Attorney Matthew Dillon explains how sometimes his “biggest” cases might be the ones with the largest settlements, but they are truly measured by the impact on the client’s day to day life.

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So, as an attorney at Harding Mazzotti, a lot of times when I’m talking to friends or family, they always ask me, “Matt, what’s the biggest case you got going on right now?” And that makes sense with our Think Big campaign and slogan, but I don’t always look at it as, you know, what’s the highest value case I have? I always think about, what’s the biggest impact I’m having on some of my clients? And sometimes that can be on some of my biggest cases, but sometimes it’s not.

So, one case I have right now, I was representing a small child, very similar to the same age as my own children. And he was very, very hurt, and he’s going to need care for the rest of his life. And we were able to help him out and get a settlement for him that’s really going to help take care of him for the rest of his life so he could really live as normal of a life as possible. So, to me, that was really important. And I was very proud of it because we really made a big impact on his life. But sometimes it’s some of the other cases.

So, I have another client, who didn’t have quite as catastrophic injuries as that, but he missed a lot of time from work and that had a big impact on his family. He was having a hard time just keeping food on the table. So, we were able to get a settlement for him for a decent amount of money that really helped have a big impact on him, so he could care for his family. And that made a big impact on me as well.

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