Injury Settlement Helps Client and Family Through Difficult Time

Thinking Big: Attorney Philip Mazzotti describes how a client’s injury settlement helped her and her family through a difficult period of recovery.

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Another case that I really enjoyed working on was a case out near Syracuse. And what happened in that case was a school bus ran a stop sign, unfortunately striking our client in the car she was a passenger in. Our vehicle spun around, and ultimately, our client suffered a severe cervical injury, which required a pretty intensive surgery. Now, that case resolved about a year ago now, and I still keep in touch with our client, and she’s very happy with the result in that case, where she was actually able to buy a new house, new vehicles for their children and themselves, and repair things that they wanted to have, because during the time she was unable to work, or work on their house or take care of their kids, the money was there to really help them through a very difficult time in their life.

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