Legal Consequences of Drinking & Driving

Recorded on December 30, 2020.

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, attorney Ben Barry of Martin, Harding, & Mazzotti, LLP is on the radio with Joe Vega of WIZN explaining the legal consequences of drinking and driving.

Please give it a listen or read the transcript below.

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Joe: Hey, this is Joe Vega. I’m talking with Ben Barry from Martin Harding & Mazzotti. Hello, Ben.

Ben: Hello, Joe.

Joe: So, Ben, it’s that time a year again. New Year’s Eve tomorrow night. And I just thought this was a perfect opportunity to, let’s say, reeducate the people out there about the consequences of drinking and driving.

Ben: Yeah, Joe. Certainly, at the holidays, we have a lot of libations flowing around the house, and parties, and things of that nature. And so, it absolutely is important for us to remind them and everybody else they’re hanging out with that DWIs, DUIs are a very serious matter in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and every state. And they do have a tenancy to cause a lot of injury to people, a lot of unsafe roadway conditions.

And really, my best advice is to be safe. Use public transportation if you’re gonna be out drinking or taxi cabs, Uber, whatever it may be. The consequences in Vermont are very serious. You can face prison time, incarceration, significant fines, penalties, loss of license.

Joe: Insurance.

Ben: Insurance. All kinds of things. So, I would strongly recommend to your listeners that they stay safe on the roadways. And don’t mix alcohol and driving in any circumstance.

Joe: Yep, take it from a lawyer, folks. Drinking and driving, it just doesn’t add up. All right. Thank you very much. Ben Berry from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. Hey, Ben, have a very happy New Year.

Ben: Same to you, Joe.

Joe: Remember, you can call Ben at any time at 1-800-LAW-1010 or go online to

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