What is Causation?

Legal Terms Translated

If you have ever been confused by legal jargon, the personal injury attorneys at Harding Mazzotti are here to help! Watch the video below for a quick and easy explanation of the term and what it might mean in a personal injury case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Defines Causation

We asked attorney Samantha Cahill to briefly explain the legal concept of causation in a personal injury case. She described it as, “. . . basically cause and effect. So for example, if you are in a car crash and you sustain a fracture, the car accident would be the causation for your fracture.”

In a personal injury case, it is important for you and your legal team to prove causation. It is not enough to simply establish the defendant’s negligence, but to prove that the negligence is what caused your injuries. Whether it be in a car accident, a fall at a poorly maintained property, or a medical professional not living up to the standard of care, there are many cases in which a person’s lack of due care could cause an injury.

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