Lawyer’s Scene Photos Make Big Difference In Case

Thinking Big: Attorney Norman Palmiere of our Rochester office speaks about a time when his quick action taking photos at the scene of a severe crash made a major difference for his client’s case.

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Thinking big to me and to many of the lawyers and staff in this office is really about passion for representing our clients, many of whom have been very, very seriously injured and their lives upended. So it’s really important in going forward to exercise a level of creativity and diligence really in the way we investigate our cases. Share a story with you, with respect to a case that we had a long time ago involving a bus accident where our young client in her twenties was struck by the bus and dragged across the pavement and suffered serious and debilitating lifetime injuries. And when I got the case, we got it early, I got out to the scene of the accident with my cell phone and there was about nine feet of rubber mark on the road. That’s all there was. Of course, we had police reports later on, but I took a video and photographs of those marks on the road and we sent it out to forensic experts. They were located in Denver, Colorado. And with those nine feet of tire mark, we were able to establish which direction this bus was going. When it struck, knocked our client down and then dragged her on the road, and we were able to establish that he came into the crowd. These were kids that were at a festival for the day and were leaving the festival. He said a deposition that he drove away from them, not into them. Well, those nine feet that were on the roadway early on refuted that. And as a consequence, we were able to lead to a very, very significant seven figure settlement on behalf of this client. And most important, we were able to provide for her for the remainder of her life.

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