The Ultimate Car Accessory Checklist: Items For Drivers To Keep in Their Car

No matter the destination, it is important to acknowledge the critical role of being prepared for any trip in your car. Imagine yourself driving, enjoying the freedom of the open road, when suddenly you have a flat tire, a dead battery, or even worse, you get into an accident that requires you to break a window or cut a seatbelt. It is during times like these that having an emergency car kit on hand can be not only convenient, but vital. Beyond the comforts of everyday transportation, an emergency car kit may be a lifesaver, offering essential equipment and supplies to help deal with unforeseen roadblocks.

This blog shares the value of having a well-equipped vehicle, showing how simple yet strategic preparedness measures can transform a potentially dangerous situation into a manageable one, helping to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. First, maintain a variety of items in your car in case something goes wrong during your journey, whether it is a short commute or a long road trip. Seasonal weather also influences what you have in your vehicle, so as summer slips into fall, assess what items you keep in your vehicle and restock as needed. Thankfully, Harding Mazzotti’s Big Help platform has many of the items to keep in your vehicle to stay safe and prepared – with all donations benefiting a local charity.

As the weather changes throughout the year, the items you need to keep in your vehicle change too.

Cold Weather Items to Keep in Your Car

  • Snow - Things To Keep In Your CarIce Scrapers and Snowbrushes: Getting rid of all the ice and snow on your car before you hit the road helps to ensure both your safety and that of other drivers.
  • Emergency Kit: A kit with a reflective emergency triangle on the outside will include items like gloves, bandages, and jumper cables. In the event of a dead car battery, it is important to have jumper cables and to know how to use them safely.
  • Umbrellas: During cold and wet weather, it will be a relief to have an umbrella stored in your car to keep you dry.
  • Warm Clothes and Blankets: If your car won’t start, it is important to have extra layers to wear in case you must wait somewhere without heat.

Warm Weather Items to Keep in Your Car

While it’s important to stay safe in icy, wintry weather, it is good to be prepared during the warmer seasons as well.

  • Sun - Things To Keep In Your CarSunshade: A simple way to protect your car’s interior and reduce interior temperature is putting a sunshade inside your vehicle’s windshield on hot, sunny days.
  • Sunglasses: To protect yourself from brightness and glare on sunny days, it’s helpful to have a pair of sunglasses on hand while driving your vehicle, or for any excursions outside the car.
  • Water: Depending on the situation, if you are having car problems, you could be stuck for a long time. It can be crucial to stay hydrated, especially during warm weather. Be sure to store bottled water in your vehicle or fill up a tumbler beforehand to keep your water cold for extended periods of time.
  • Water for pets: Pets also need to stay hydrated whether in the heat or just adventuring out for a long day. In our platform we have foldable water bowls available to have on the go for pets.

Items for Convenience/Safety

  • Checklist - Things To Keep In Your CarCharger: If your car breaks down or you need to contact emergency services, it is vital to have a charged phone, not only for your convenience but also for your safety.
  • Phone Holder: When your phone is mounted on a car phone holder, you can keep both hands on the wheel while maintaining your focus on the road.
  • Escape Tool: Escape tools can cut through seatbelts and break windows if you ever need to quickly escape your car in an emergency. Keep this tool close to your driver’s seat for easy access rather than in the trunk area.
  • Storage/Organizer As much as it feels good to have a clean and organized car, it can also be dangerous to have items rolling around on the floor of your vehicle. Using a car organizer or storage bin helps keep the car clean, as well as helping to keep you safe.
  • Flashlight: You never know what time of day you will have an emergency or a situation with your car. Always keep a flashlight, checking the batteries occasionally.

Keeping a well-stocked inventory of safety and emergency items in your car is a smart precaution that can make a critical difference in unexpected situations. To help with this, Harding Mazzotti is offering a variety of items to keep you safe, on our Big Help donation platform. When faced with unexpected breakdowns, inclement weather, or unforeseen situations, having necessary tools and supplies on hand might be the difference between your safety and the safety of others on the road. We want to assist you by providing reassurance and practical assistance when you require it the most. All items located on the Big Help platform are gifts that you can receive with a small donation, with every dollar going toward a respected local charity. Not to mention, Harding Mazzotti will match every dollar raised to benefit a great cause. Stay safe on the roads and join the Big Help here!