Personal Injury / Auto Accident Lawyer Questions and Answers

The 1AND1 series is a new video question and answer series from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP.  This new video Q&A series allows you to submit a questions and get a short, video answer in response. Simply use the “Ask MHM” form to submit a question to our personal injury lawyers.  Our team will review your question and email you as soon as your response has been posted. If your questions requires a more in depth response, a representative will contact you directly with more information. It’s just that easy.

We are super excited about our new video communications platform. Now, what is it? You submit a question and we respond on video, just like this. So let’s say you had a question about your car accident, or slip and fall, or about lost wages if you’ve been injured at work, submit that question. We will generally respond as to how that works in the law and it’s gonna help so many other people who will have virtually the same question that you have.