In 2011, there were over 81,000 motorcyclists injured in accidents. To no surprise, injuries sustained by motorcyclists are often more severe than that of an occupant in a vehicle, due to their lack of protection. Despite this statistic, motorcyclists’ rights are not protected under No-Fault Insurance. Without proper legal protection, this could result in large medical bills and missed work going uncompensated for. Our Plattsburgh expert motorcycle accident lawyers at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP are dedicated to protecting you and your rights to a full and uninhibited recovery.

Under New York State law, a motorcyclist can file a claim against the responsible party for pain and suffering that resulted from an accident, without proving it resulted in a “serious injury.” Contrary to No-Fault insurance laws, this law greatly helps many motorcyclists claim compensation and recover the losses resulting from the accident.

Even if the responsible party is uninsured or under-insured, NYS law allows one to make a claim against your own motorcycle insurance policy. But what if you were injured while a pedestrian or occupant of a motorcycle you do not own? Additional insurance coverage is likely available to you through any insurance policy applicable to a vehicle you or a relative of your household owns.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Don’t let a small mistake or slip up during the legal process cost you a large sum of money. Our experienced team of motorcycle accident attorneys in Plattsburgh, NY is here to research any and all complex insurance coverage details that relate to your case. Personal injury law is our specialty, allow us to help you get the settlement you’re rightfully deserved.


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