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Philip S. Mazzotti

My name is Philip Mazzotti. I am one of the litigation attorneys at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, and I’m one of the associates there.

I am in an interesting position at the firm as my father is one of the named partners at the firm. And it’s been a tremendous experience working for him. Obviously, growing up, I was able to hear his stories about what he did in court in trial or how he’s helped people. But outside of that, I really think there is a family culture at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti.

Whenever I handle any case, I always remind the client that, “Don’t forget that I work for you. You’ve hired me, I’m not just your attorney, but I’m also your counselor at law.” So the best thing that I give my clients I believe is time, you know, just to sit down and be on the phone with them trying to walk them through, which is typically one of the harder parts of their life. So, if I’m able to spend an extra 15 minutes on the phone, or if a client drops in, I make sure I make time for them. So I just try to make myself as available as I can to make sure that I can help them during this period of time. And hopefully, by the end of it, not only are they happy with the result, they felt that they’ve also gained a friend.

I did win a pretty crazy lawn contest with a fertilizer group last year. And I really just made it a point to learn how to take care of everything at my house. So when I get the chance to mow my lawn for 30 or 45 minutes, that would probably be my hobby outside of my family and work.

Philip S. MazzottiAttorney
Admitted in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and the SCOTUS.

Philip “Phil” Mazzotti was born and raised just outside of Albany, New York. Growing up, Phil always wanted to attend Syracuse University, where his family attended, and become an attorney. Phil graduated from Syracuse University in 2011, with Bachelor’s degrees in Finance, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship for Emerging Enterprises. Phil pursued his passion to be an attorney at Albany Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctor in 2014.

Throughout his life, Phil has always had a passion to help people. From volunteering at local food shelters as a child, mentoring inner city kids while at Syracuse University, or as a professional helping people who have been wrongfully injured, Phil is looking forward to the career that is ahead of him in the litigation department at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP.

In his time away from the firm, Phil enjoys spending time with his family, friends and participating in local sport leagues.

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“Philip was very helpful with explaining everything so that I understood what was going on.”

Valene I. of Central Bridge, NY