Fighting For Employees Who Were Fired After Trying to Unionize

Thinking Big: Attorney Kelly Magnuson discusses a case where our employment law team helped employees who were terminated after attempting to unionize.

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So, at Harding Mazzotti, we recently resolved a number of cases relating to claims of employment discrimination under the National Labor Relations Act. And a lot of people are not familiar with the NLRA, or what the National Labor Relations Board does, but they represent and assist people with claims regarding unionizing activities.

So, a lot of people have read recently in the papers about actions against Starbucks and Tesla for activities that we refer to as unionizing, which means the employees get together, and because of their concerns about fair wage or benefits, they want a union. And bringing in that union to talk to people to see if others are interested, even just to give out information about unions is what we call unionizing.

And people are fired for it all the time. Recently, we had seven employees working for one employer across New York State who were all terminated after they made attempts to bring the union in, and the union vote failed at the company. And within a few weeks, they were all terminated.

Professionals who had been at the organization for several years with no real basis for the terminations. So, we filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board, and we eventually, recently settled several of those cases. The employees received back wages and benefits for the entire period of time, plus future damages for the losses until they catch up to their prior salary and their new jobs. But, you know, it makes a big difference.

These were professionals with families who were let go without a day’s notice. And Harding Mazzotti took on those cases, and we fought until we got everything that we could for them. And we have happy clients.

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