Employment Lawyer Helps With Reasonable Accommodation

Thinking Big: Attorney Lauren Davis discusses how the employment law unit at Harding Mazzotti, LLP helps our clients with many employment discrimination issues, as well as reasonable accommodation for individuals with a disability.

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Here at Harding Mazzotti, we help individuals who are going through many different issues related to their employment. And that could be anything from, you know, an individual who has a disability, who needs a reasonable accommodation and workplace, someone who’s been sexually harassed, or discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. Recently, I worked on a case where the employee suffered from a back disability. He had surgery maybe two years prior, and he was a driver for a tractor-trailer company, and he told his employer that he would need an automatic transmission truck because he was not able to do the standard transmission, and it would exacerbate his back disability.

He made it very clear to his employer, and he produced medical documentation, and this was something that we were able to help him with because the employer was not going to accommodate him. And in fact, just over a course of a couple of months just continued to give him a standard transmission truck, and it really caused a lot of medical issues for him. So, you know, that’s just an example of something that we’ve, you know, helped a client with. But, you know, the employment law unit has helped lots of clients with many different types of employment discrimination issues.

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