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Daniel R. Kinlan

My name is Dan Kinlan. I’m an attorney at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. So I was born in Albany. I ended up going to Guilderland High School after our parents moved us out there. Eventually made my way down to Poughkeepsie to go to Marist College and I was there for four years for the normal degree. I didn’t intend to go to law school, but I did find myself there. And I went to Albany Law. So I’ve really been kind of in this area the whole time.

Well, we always want to maintain that we can help clients that do come to us because of their cases. Being in the community is also important because of our footprint in the area. And I know I’ve been to too many bike helmet giveaways, but also I’ve done some things in the past where we’ve gone to elementary schools and just read books to kids. Because I think that if we can put ourselves out there as, you know, a warmer, friendly face people can come to us, you know, even if they don’t have personal injury questions. They might come to us and say, “Hey, you know, I’m looking to sell my house, do you know any attorney that might help me there?” So even if we’re just a lifeline to the community for other options or other issues or problems that come up, I think that’s important.

I think one of the surprises that people might hear especially coming from a personal injury attorney is that, at least from my perspective, the number one thing for my clients is I want them to get relief. You know, certainly getting some award or settlement down the line is the goal. But if they can’t get relief from their doctors or they can’t have some kind of medical improvement, those matter to us. Because if that’s not going to happen, then we need to find a better way to make sure that the community can find doctors or some kind of relief.

You know, personal injury attorneys aren’t all about the dollars at the end of the day, it’s the clients and it’s the community. You know, we’ve stressed family quite a bit. And again, it sounds corny, but I do really do believe that that is the truth.

I think the ability to balance really caring about the clients but also making sure that we spend enough time is having a passion for it. You know, really believing in the cases and also the people because if you don’t, then one of those two things is going to drop off. I think having a passion for this type of work can really help excel not only the cases, but help find clients a good recovery by the end of it.

Daniel R. Kinlan – Attorney
Admitted in New York and Vermont

Dan was born in Albany and grew up in Guilderland. He attended Marist College and Albany Law School, having obtained his Juris Doctor in 2013. While there, Dan was selected to work in the Health Law Clinic of Albany Law School, where he focused on estate planning, health insurance issues, and representing individuals at social security disability hearings.

After graduating law school, Dan worked at a small law firm, engaging in general practice. Dan jumped at the opportunity to join Martin, Harding, and Mazzotti, LLP. He is excited to be able to help members of the community understand their rights and work with them to obtain justice and peace of mind.

Each year, Dan devotes time to helping veterans of the United States Military obtain free legal services during the Veterans Pro Bono event at Albany Law School. He has been involved in this program since starting law school and plans to continue offering advice and counsel to our veterans for years to come.

Dan currently plays rugby in the Capital region and enjoys attending various community events that are offered in the City of Albany.

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“I cannot say enough fantastic things about Daniel Kinlan, his staff and his firm. All of them were 100% consistently fantastic to and patient with me during a horrible time in my life. This is just one mere minor example, but I was stunned at how they ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY responded to all of my questions. They worked very hard AND very fast — which mattered a lot!”

Brent D., Five Star Google Review

“The support that I received was amazing. Everyone was communicative and professional. I would not have reached out for the help but my significant other could let what happened to me just slide. Dan and his team were on it. I was stress free and just allowed them the time to do what they do best. I’m very satisfied with the outcome and glad we did business together. I will forever be grateful for what they did for me. Thank you Dan and Harding Mazzotti staff.”

Tiara J., Five Star Google Review