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Patrick Slade

My name is Patrick Slade. I’m a personal injury attorney at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. My entire career I’ve always been a defense attorney. I spent about eight years working for an insurance company and decided it was time to make a change. I was interested in helping the individuals and helping people rather than help, you know, large corporations, and have more hands-on relationship with people.

As a defense attorney, I had many cases with Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, I respected the way they did business. I worked with some very good attorneys on those cases, so I always knew Martin, Harding & Mazzotti was somewhere I’d want to end up when I did decide to make the change. So I think there’s a fine balance between dealing with people’s day-to-day problems and issues and questions as they come up and then dealing with the lawsuit which is on a much longer timeline. So I feel I like to always be available by phone or by email to deal with my clients’ questions as they become issues and with the seeing the forest from the trees and looking at the bigger picture on how that plays into their lawsuit.

I think it’s always important to have the right expectations with your client and tell them not only what’s good about their case but what the pitfalls of their case may be, what some of the weaknesses may be, that way there’s no surprises and everybody’s on the same page. And sometimes that means giving bad news to your clients but it’s important to remember that you’re still looking out for their best interest and sometimes that is telling them bad news.

When I get a new file and a new client the first thing I do is give them a call and I want to know how they’re doing, you know, what issues are they facing right now and get a sense for who they are as a person and what level of attention that they’re gonna need. I think it’s important to build a rapport with them right away, build a level of trust so that when you talk in the future you have something to build upon. I like to get to know my clients personally and I feel that they’re best served if we do have that relationship.

Patrick Slade – Attorney
Admitted in New York

Patrick was born and raised in Buffalo, the son of a public school teacher and an assistant District Attorney.   He attended the University at Buffalo, majoring in English and Psychology, and earned his law degree from the University at Buffalo School of Law.

Upon completing law school, Patrick joined a firm that specialized in defending lawsuits on behalf of insurance companies.  After several years of practice, he moved with his wife to Albany to start a family and went to work as an in-house attorney for a large insurance company.   After eleven years working on the defense side, Patrick learned how insurance companies handle cases and the strategies they use against those injured as a result of their customer’s negligence.

In 2018, Patrick decided to make a change in his career track and joined Martin, Harding and Mazzotti where he now only represents injured plaintiffs.  Patrick feels that he is in the best position to represent plaintiffs because he knows how insurance companies evaluate cases and the tactics they use to avoid paying injured parties what they owe.  Patrick is dedicated to using his experience on the other side to assist his clients in obtaining the best possible result in their cases.

When he is not in the office, Patrick spends his time in Delmar where he lives with his wife and two young children.

Direct Phone Line: 518-556-3430
Toll-Free Office: 1-855 612 1105
Email: [email protected]

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“Patrick Slade has been extremely helpful and professional through my whole process. He has explained every step to me during this process and is easy to get in touch with. He is always available to discuss my case with me. I have been so pleased with the progress that has been made. I can’t say enough about how fantastic an attorney he is.”

Mary M., Five Star Google Review

“[Harding Mazzotti] and their team is the best of the best, they are persistent and very dedicated law firm, getting you what is rightfully yours! Patrick Slade, litigations attorney has been beyond outstanding through my experience, he’s very knowledgeable and willing to take the high road to get you the best outcome possible! Would highly recommend!”

Joe C., Five Star Google Review

“[Harding Mazzotti] and their team have been great to work with! Patrick Slade my litigation attorney has been very helpful. Always available if I have any questions, has kept me informed on what’s going on, and is very easy to talk to.”

Brian S., Five Star Google Review
“Patrick Slade was amazing! He walked me through the legal process. Helped me during one of my most difficult times of my life. He was honest, fair, professional and most of all compassionate. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Patrick Slade and would highly recommend him!”
Mary M., Five Star Google Review
“I absolutely recommend Harding Mazzotti! My litigation attorney Pat Slade, was compassionate, caring, and really handled my case with concern! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! They are very prompt when answering phone calls and returning calls, answering every single question I had about my case, updated me with every discovery, they truly are AMAZING!!!!!!”
Dawn, Five Star Google Review