Fireworks Laws and Quarantine Requirements in New York

What types of fireworks are allowed in Albany County and other areas in New York? And are the new rules that require quarantining for people who travel to New York (from certain other states) enforceable? Attorney Chas Farcher of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP is on the radio with PYX106 answering these questions and more.

Please give it a listen or read the transcript below.

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Quinn: It’s Quinn and Cantara PYX 106, 1-800-law-1010, Look who’s on the phone.

Cantara: Yeah, it’s Chas Farcher from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. We were supposed to have Paul on yesterday, but we had phone issues so we moved it to today and it’s Chas in place of Paul. What’s up, Chas? How are you?

Chas: Good morning, guys. I am fantastic. How are you?

Cantara: What are you making? What are you making in the woodshop these days?

Chas: Oh, man, I just finished up some barn doors. Now I did a mobile bench. I did some outdoor benches for the deck. Got to keep busy and keep my space from the boys.

Cantara: When you have time to do all your lawyering? He makes… if you follow him on Facebook, he makes incredible wood crafts.

Quinn: Like the guy up in my neck of the woods who made the giant penis in his yard?

Cantara: Like the guy on Wilton.

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. I’m kidding Chas. You got class, man.

Chas: No, that’s on my to-do list for the front yard but I just haven’t got time.

Quinn: Is there anything cooler than a refurbished barn door inside your new house? I think that’s the coolest look ever.

Chas: That’s pretty cool, right? I dig it. I like it. And I can say, when the football season starts and I’m watching Cam Newton play for Patriots, I can close the doors and keep the kids out.

Cantara: You’re a giants fan, are you?

Chas: Yes, I am.

Cantara: Yeah. And I’m on record of saying I’m not even sure Cam makes the team, just for the record. I wanna be out there.

Chas: He’ll be a starter by week three.

Cantara: I don’t think so. I mean, if anything, maybe it’s a package… I don’t know.

Quinn: I love how you guys think we’re gonna get to week three. That’s awesome. That’s so fun.

Cantara: Chas from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti is on the show this morning to talk about fireworks. Albany County like talked about some new legislation, did it happen?

Chas: They are in the process now, yes, of passing a local county law. So just by way of quick backstory, in 2014, the governor decided and the legislature decided that they would legalize some small types of fireworks in New York State, but each individual county had to opt into the program in 2017. That was changed so each county had to opt out. So some limited sparkling devices are legal in most counties and New York with the exception of down by the city, and up here Schenectady and Columbia and now, Albany County. Looks like Albany will opt out of that and then thus illegalize those types of fireworks for Albany County.

Quinn: I mean, we’re talking to Sheriff Apple who was saying there were quarter sticks being thrown their way but you can’t buy those here anyway, I only think you can buy…maybe like New Hampshire and like Wisconsin, nowadays. But what is driving it? What’s driving it because we barely have fireworks as it is?

Chas: Right. So you know, back in 2014, what they decided was they got tired of guys like Cantara driving down to Pennsylvania, buying all of these giant fireworks then going five Narragansetts deep and trying to launch these mortars in their front yard. Legalized ground sparkling devices, which they thought would, A, you know, curtail people from traveling…

Quinn: Pacify us.

Chas: Yeah, right, give you something but not everything, and B, more important than Cantara’s digits with tax revenue, it would help with tax revenue.

Cantara: All right. So I’m just a regular guy on the 4th of July living in Albany, what can I do? Can I have a sparkler?

Chas: Nothing.

Cantara: Nothing?

Chas: No.

Quinn: Can’t go to Saratoga County? What about Saratoga?

Chas: Here, yes. The repeal of the county law that allows sparkling devices won’t go into effect until around the New Year so you’re okay for this 4th of July. Next 4th of July you need to go to a different county or different state or go watch some professionals handle the fireworks.

Quinn: How much I owe you, I hope I can do it.

Cantara: Okay. All right. Well, I think you cleared that up although I feel confused still of what I can and can’t do. I’m gonna stay away from anything.

Quinn: I think any of the pappy crap that you could do last year, you can do this year. It’s next year that we’re not gonna be able to do anything.

Chas: We’ll cut right to the chase here, sparklers, ground devices, fountains, anything that’s not aerial anything that doesn’t have a huge bang like an M-80, even firecrackers are illegal. Ground devices, sparklers are illegal in most counties with the exception of New York City area, Schenectady, Columbia, and next year Albany. So you can buy that stuff in all those counties except for up here right now, Schenectady and Columbia County. Next year Albany will outlaw fountains and in sparklers.

Quinn: Stock up, Cantara. Stock up with sparklers.

Cantara: Very well said. Hey, listen, it’s Chas Farcher from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti. I know you have opinions. What do you think about asking people to quarantine who come into the state? I mean, is it even enforceable?

Chas: The good question is to whether any of that is constitutional or not. But I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander. So when New York had its spike in these cases, and we traveled to Florida or other states, you know, that’s what was told to us as New Yorkers entered other states and I guess we’re just returning the favor. Is it enforceable? Yes. I think it is. There are laws that is enforceable under, you know, health laws, and things like that. But good luck tracking these people and just good luck with that stuff, period.

Cantara: Yeah.

Quinn: I think we’re all…we’re far gone here. We’re far gone.

Cantara: Well, it was fun to talk to you this morning, and give our best to the family.

Quinn: Yeah, buddy. Good to hear your voice.

Chas: Absolutely. You guys be safe and I’ll work on that other front lawn ornament for you, Quinn.

Quinn: Sounds good, brother. Chas Farcher from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, 1-800-law-1010, that’s