How a Quick Investigation Changed the Course of a Case

Thinking Big: Attorney Chas Farcher discusses how science and a quick investigation by our legal team changed the course of a motorcycle injury case – resulting in a seven-figure settlement.

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Recently I worked on a motorcycle case that I thought was incredibly interesting. There were four non-favorable witnesses who stated that the defendant had stopped at a stop sign for anywhere from one to five seconds before pulling out in front of my motorcyclist. And they all had clocked him at a speed two or three times what the speed limit was.

Quick investigation, turns out we were able to locate the refrigerated truck that pulled out in front of my client, find the black box data for that vehicle. And the black box data, which tracks the vehicle’s motion every 1/10 of a second, showed that the vehicle had slowed down from 10 miles per hour to 7, 8, 6, and then back up to 10 miles per hour all over again.

So in short, black box data was able to prove despite four witnesses that weren’t favorable to us that the refrigerated truck never actually stopped at the stop sign that was required by law. We were able to resolve that case for seven figures, and it all came down to science and a quick investigation.

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