Gatherings Limited To 10 People in New York Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Recorded on November 17, 2020

Due to the pandemic, New York (and other states) have limited gatherings to 10 people, throwing a wrench in many people’s Thanksgiving plans. Attorney Paul Harding of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP is on the radio with PYX106 explaining the rules and how enforceable they may or may not be.

Please give it a listen or read the transcript below.

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Interviewer 1: 1-800-LAW-1010. It’s Paul Harding from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti.

Interviewer 2: So the hill I want to die on, Paul, is 11 people at my Thanksgiving Day table. Violations, how many have I committed, and what’s gonna happen to me?

Interviewer 1: They coming door to door?

Paul: Yeah, you gotta go down for something in life. And, yeah, the 11 people at Thanksgiving at the… You stand your ground. They’re not coming door to door. In fact, if you look at the sheriffs across the state they’re all kinda trying to sidestep this thing saying words very similar to, “We’re super busy. We have a lot going on. We’re not gonna prioritize this.” But some said, “If we have to, we’ll knock on the door and advise the people of the new protocol but not enforce the law.”

Interviewer 2: But if the question everyone’s asking and it’s never gonna get to is it even legal?

Paul: Yeah.

Interviewer 2: And if it’s not legal, why doesn’t the governor just say, “Hey.” Why doesn’t he just issue a warning or an advisory?

Paul: I think he would have been better well served if he had just said, “Guys, do the right thing.” What we want you to do is these executive orders and the constitutionality of them is all we can question. Right? Here everybody’s kinda taking the approach that in a restaurant in public they’re probably constitutional. But when you start getting into how many people can come to your house, it probably is not. But not something that’s gonna be reviewed by the courts prior to Thanksgiving or probably prior to, you know, this virus sort of passing us by.

Interviewer 1: Paul, what if I got a big loogie up top, like, you know, just I gotta get this thing out but I’m driving to work. And, you know, I think nobody’s watching. And I just unroll the window real quick and I lose that loogie out the window into the wind. Can I get written up for that by the police?

Paul: I guess technically that’s the type of behavior that someone could view as in violation of something. I’m searching my brain what that could possibly be. But, yeah, you know, so the police have this wonderful opportunity to do what’s right, and that’s what they usually do. They don’t go after things. They don’t look for things. They don’t want to involve themselves in a situation and certainly not a Thanksgiving meal.

Interviewer 2: See, I think Paul nailed it. Like, the executive order makes…is almost a puffing of the chest. And for people who don’t love Cuomo, it’s a chance to fight back. I mean, in reality, the cops are doing what they can do which is nothing. They couldn’t enforce this to begin with really. Right?

Paul: Yeah, nothing enforced. Just announce, “Hey, did you know that…” And again, they’re really sidestepping. We have more important things to do than count cars in driveways and the size of a turkey that somebody purchased days earlier.

Interviewer 1: I’ve seen the Karens out there arguing to get their, you know, their Hobby Lobby stuff or whatever at the end of the day. The police don’t have time for this. They don’t have to… There’d be a battle like that every single time they talked to somebody.

Interviewer 2: The reason why it’s such a topic because we had a survey done by our listeners, iHeart listeners across the country. Forty percent of them plan to have more than 10 people at Thanksgiving. So that’s why…

Interviewer 1: Forty percent, Paul.

Interviewer 2: Forty percent of America tends to have more people. So that’s why the governor has to say what he has to say.

Paul: Yep.

Interviewer 2: So what about you, Paul? How many at your table?

Paul: Yeah, you know, I think we’re gonna be right around between 9 and 10 at last count. But I better get back to you guys before the event.

Interviewer 1: God speed, man.

Interviewer 2: Now, Paul, you’re just pushing the limits because you can because you have the legal knowledge?

Interviewer 1: I feel like I have better luck in that SpaceX shuttle this week.

Paul: As far as I can take it. That’s right.

Interviewer 2: Well, we appreciate you talking about it this morning. You know, just be safe, everybody.

Interviewer 1: God. Yeah, and enjoy it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Thanks, Paul.

Interviewer 2: Thanks, Paul.

Paul: All right. Talk soon, guys. Bye-bye.

Interviewer 1: All right. 1-800-LAW-1010. Paul Harding from Martin, Harding & Mazzotti