Motorcycle Accident Client Testimonial: Alfred

Alfred’s Motorcycle Accident Client Experience

Motorcycle accident client Alfred talks about his experience with an injury that kept him from the freedom of the road, and how working with Harding Mazzotti helped him focus on his recovery.

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At 73, I lost the freedom of riding my motorcycle and was restricted to a wheelchair. I’ve been riding my whole life on two wheels. I started riding from about the age of five. I served in the military, the US Army, for two years and served one tour in Vietnam. I’ve always been a fast moving guy. The thrill of riding a motorcycle is endless. Sitting on a motorcycle is like being on a rocket ship. I love country roads, open space, nature, beauty, a chance to almost touch heaven.

Riding a motorcycle, you always have some kind of hazards. I was motorcycling down the road, and a pickup truck absolutely didn’t see me, made a turn in front of me about 10 feet away. I T-boned the pickup truck and it was a hit and run accident. I broke every single bone in my hand and my leg. That was the worst pain I ever had.

Less than a week after the accident, my wife suggested that I should call Harding Mazzotti. They walked me through everything and they supported me all the way and gave me hope. And I felt great that I had a fighting team. They did everything they could to help me out. It was great having a team that went up to bat and fought for me. They gave me great results and a nice settlement and they were very attentive and communicated with me also. They followed all the way through my recovery.

After the motorcycle accident I was very restricted in my movement. It was very difficult getting around. I felt my freedom was cheated. I would go to the motorcycle shop every week and I try to straddle a motorcycle, and after a couple of months, I straddled it, I accomplished it, and I said I want to buy it. Then I started riding again. Felt wonderful to ride the motorcycle again. And I had a lot of pain but still I was free again. Hey, you can’t keep a wild horse tamed! It got me emotional. My wife told me she admires how I overcome my adversities. My primary care doctor told me that my heart is strong and my lungs are clear that I’ll be riding for at least another 10 years. We’ll see how we get there, how much further I could go. I’m not going to give up.

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