Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition

Episode 7: DeMarco’s of Colonie

April 8, 2020

Today’s featured establishment is Italian-American restaurant DeMarco’s of Colonie. They are offering curbside pickup, delivery within a five-mile radius, and a variety of family meal packages to order Tuesdays – Sundays from 12pm to 8pm. Visit their website www.demarcosofcolonie.com to view their menu and specials.

DeMarco’s of Colonie


About SOTCR: Social Distancing Edition

At Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, we have been working on a project called The Spirit of the Capital Region (SOTCR). It’s a video series featuring the many local businesses, events, and charities that those in our area can be proud of. We were set to premiere the series, but due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to take the project in a different direction. Now, we will feature a local small business or organization in a short video blog on weekdays to get the word out about what they are currently offering, and how we as a community can support them (while practicing the recommended social distancing).

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Hi, my name is Emily, I work for Martin Harding & Mazzotti and this is The Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition.

Today’s establishment was recommended to us by one of you on Facebook.

DeMarco’s of Colonie is an Italian American restaurant located right on Central Ave. and has been a landmark of Colonie for more than 45 years.

Until things are back to normal, they will be offering take-out, curbside pick-up, and delivery (within a five-mile radius) every Tuesday – Sunday from 12 to 8pm.

Visit their website at www.demarcosofcolonie.com to view their menus, weekly specials and specialty items.

For example, DeMarco’s is offering several four-course Family Meal packages daily. They serve up to six people and cost $39.99.

They update these Family Meal Packages every few weeks to keep things new and interesting for patrons.

They are also offering a special Family Style Easter Dinner, which is available for Pick-Up only this Sunday (April 12) from 12-5pm.

The cost is $29 per person and orders need to be submitted by noon on Friday, April 10th.

Outside of these pre-ordered meals, DeMarco’s will be closed on Easter Sunday and reopen on Tuesday, April 14th at noon.

Lastly, the owner John would like me to give a shout-out to his staff: Frank, Jen, Patti, Mike, Zack, Jess, Katie, Devin, Nick, CJ, Cameron, Dylan and Gabe.

He says they have been amazing, professional and patient throughout this whole ordeal. And even though they have their own concerns, they still show up to their shifts with a smile on their faces and positive attitudes.

We thank those employees, and all workers who are still showing up to be there for all of us during these stressful times.

So make sure to check out the DeMarco’s website to see their menu, and follow them on social media for all the latest updates.

Thanks for listening and stay well! My name is Emily, and this is The Spirit of the Capital Region: Social Distancing Edition.

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