Teen Who Nearly Died from Vaping Complications Creates Nonprofit to Warn Other Kids of Dangers

A new article in People Magazine describes the harrowing experience of a Michigan teen who nearly died from complications caused by vaping. He is now determined to use his story to educate others on the dangers of vaping. He, like many other kids his age, vaped both nicotine and marijuana.

According to the report, Daniel Ament was just 16 years old when he was hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia. He ended up spending 29 days on life support, awakening to discover that he had received a double-lung transplant. Doctors at the Henry Ford Health System described the procedure as “the first double lung transplant in the world for a patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged from vaping.”

He has since started a nonprofit called Fight4Wellness to help educate others on the many risks associated with vaping as he focuses on his own recovery.

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