How “Small” Injury Cases Still Make a Big Difference

Thinking Big: Attorney Norman Palmiere speaks about how even the “smaller” injury cases can make a big difference for clients, and their lawyers, too.

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Sometimes big is not necessarily just about the number, it’s about the smile. It’s about the smile on your client’s face. And I can tell you one recently that we had. A man in his 30s or so, didn’t have a heck of a lot, right? In his life, but he had a job, a good job, but he had a tough life. And we settled his case after a while. He had a bad scar on his leg as a result of a car accident, you know. And we ended up settling the case for $95,000. Big in his world. I think in our world too, because every case is important. But, you know, it taught me really, or it reminded me that when he came into the office to pick up his check, he told me, he says, “You know, thank you, Norman.” He says, “Because no one’s really ever cared about me like this, and I appreciate that.” And this was a big, bulky man, you know. So, it warms your heart. So, big is not just about money, it’s about satisfying your clients, even on the smaller cases.

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