What is a Deductible?

Legal Terms Translated

If you have ever been confused by legal jargon, the personal injury attorneys at Harding Mazzotti are here to help! Watch the video below for a quick and easy explanation of the term and what it might mean in a personal injury case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Defines Deductible

We asked attorney Paul Harding to briefly explain what a deductible is when it comes to your insurance. He described it as, “The amount of money an insured person is responsible to pay on a claim. Any monies owed beyond that, the insurance company pays.”

For example, say you are sick or injured and working through your own insurance. If your medical bills are less than the deductible amount, you’d likely be responsible for the full cost. However, if the bills exceed the deductible, your insurance kicks in to cover the remaining balance.

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